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AMASA PAC financially supports  and publicly endorses candidates around the United States who stand for liberty, Americanism, and small government.


We also offer a public pledge for candidates to sign - this pledge declares a dedication to American values and a rejection of radical leftist ideologies.


Through your monetary support and volunteer hours, we are able to organize events and help local, state, and national patriots rise to positions of leadership. 

How can you support AMASA PAC?

Are you interested in attaining an endorsement or signing our pledge?
Rach out using our CONTACT form and download our Patriot Pledge below! 


We are proud to advertise and support individuals who sign this pledge - use our easy 3 step process!

1) Download our pledge.
2) Click "fill and sign" in Adobe Reader and enter your signature.
3) Send the signed form back to us. We will post and advertise it to several thousand followers on multiple platforms!


AMASA PAC Endorsed Leaders:


Ben Geller for State House - NY

Signatory of the AMASA PAC Patriot Pledge


Tim  Baxter for Congress - NH

Signatory of the AMASA PAC Patriot Pledge

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