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AMASA Action is a network of energized content creators, speakers, and writers who love America and seek to defend what generations of diverse individuals have built. 


We speak to churches, college groups, high school students, and social clubs about Americanism, Western History, Cultural Comparisons, and the dangers of Socialism/Communism.


AMASA Action also strives to build communities, support small business, and stand alongside our troops and first responders through multiple initiatives.Our vision is a future in which American voters, leaders, and thinkers walk though life armed with the intellectual tools necessary to defend the Land of the Free.

How can you support AMASA Action?

Would you like to schedule an appearance at your school, group, or college!

Anti Academic-Racism (AAR) Scholarship


Welcome to the AMASA ACTION AAR Scholarship Application
If Selected, This Scholarship Awards $5,000 Paid On The Behalf Of A Student To The College Or Trade School The Individual Is Attending. In Order To Receive This Scholarship, The Individual Selected Must Be Accepted To Or Actively Attending A College or Trade School.

This form is made specifically to avoid use of all terms specific to gender, age, religion, and legal name.
When answering essay questions, write in the first person i.e.  "I volunteered... I desire to influence survivors of abuse...etc." Refrain from using terms which may cause any bias based on group identity rather than individual merit. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 


Thanks for submitting!

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